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Antionette Woodall, Principal

Chad Little, Assistant Principal

Megan Blair, Lead Teacher

Crystal Brewer, Counselor

755 Simpson Highway 28 West
Pinola, MS 39149
SCSD Teacher of the Year
SCSD Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Kayla Jenkins
Did you know?
FACT: Reading to your child puts them almost 1 year ahead of those who are not being read to.

FACT: Reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.

FACT: Children who read 3,00 words per day will be in the top 2% of standardized test.

FACT: Children who read 20 words (or less) per day will be in the bottom 2% of standardized tests.

FACT: 15 Minutes of independent reading each day = 1,000,000+ words a year

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